AF Labor Advisors: Strikes and Picketing

Air Force Policy:
Strikes / picketing may occur at any Air Force facility where contract work is performed.  Most often, picketing involves major construction projects . . . but also may involve service contractors.
When picketing occurs, it is the labor coordinator's (generally a contracting officer) responsibility to assist the Installation Commander in establishing a designated or "reserve gate" to minimize the impact of picketing.  Detailed instructions on implementing a "reserve gate" are provided in AFI 64-106.
Labor Coordinators and Contracting Officers should immediately contact the Regional Labor Advisor as soon as they become aware of any potential or actual labor dispute.
Union access to military installations is subject to limitations.  A union representative's entry, presence, or activity may not interfere with base operations or the contractor's activities.  If local procedures allow indefinite entry passes, those procedures should also indicate the limitations on entry, including advanced notice of each visit.  Details are provided in AFI-64-106.  See SAF/AQCK Memo, 14 Aug 06.
Questions on any issue involving the Department of Labor should be referred to one of the Regional Labor Advisors.