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 Mission: Cost effectively modernize to deliver capability to the warfighter when needed.

Vision: Deliver enduring world class capabilities to assure air, space and cyberspace dominance for the nation and our allies.


SAF/AQB - Scientific Advisory Board
Leadership: Lt Col Blythe Andrews

SAF/AQC - Contracting
Leadership: Maj Gen Alice Trevino

SAF/AQD - Logistics and Product Support
Leadership: Ms. Angela Tymofichuk

SAF/AQH - Acquisition Career Management
Leadership: Mr. David Slade

SAF/AQI - Information Dominance
Leadership: Col John Dayton (Acting)

SAF/AQL - Special Programs
Leadership: Col Brian Bohenek

SAF/AQP - Global Power
Leadership: Maj Gen Mark Pye

SAF/AQQ - Global Reach
Leadership: Brig Gen Joshua Olson

SAF/AQR - Science, Technology, and Engineering
Leadership: Ms. Kristen Baldwin

SAF/AQX - Acquisition Integration
Leadership: Mr. Mark Murphy (Acting)

Program Executive Offices


A Program Executive Officer, or PEO, is one of a few key individuals in the United States military acquisition process. A Program Executive Officer may be responsible for a specific program (e.g., the Joint Strike Fighter), or for an entire portfolio of similar programs (e.g., the Air Force PEO for Space, who is responsible for all acquisition programs at the Air Force Space Command Space and Missile Systems Center). PEOs are typically delegated ACAT II and III Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) for programs in their portfolios.