AF Labor Advisors: Davis-Bacon Act

The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) requires that each construction contract over $2,000 contain a clause and wage determination(s) setting forth the minimum wages and fringe benefits to be paid to various classes of laborers and mechanics employed on the contract.  DBA can also apply to "substantial and segregable" construction requirements in non-construction contracts.  (See the Contractor's Informational Guide to Compliance with DBA)
Project decisions must be requested by SF308 when there is no appropriate general wage determination published for the work.
Some service contracts (such as installation support) also require Davis-Bacon Act provisions.  Under Department of Labor regulations, routine maintenance usually is a service but significant repair work is covered under the Davis-Bacon Act.  During the course of a year, some of the work called into Civil Engineering (CE) requires more than routine maintenance / repair.  Therefore, most support type contracts also contain Davis-Bacon provisions to cover significant repair work.  For further guidance in this area, contact a Regional Labor Advisor.
Davis-Bacon poster: