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Careers In Air Force Acquisition

Opportunities in Air Force Acquisition

Almost 35,000 Air Force professionals, both civilian and military, work in a variety of career fields leading and supporting the acquisition of cutting edge weapon systems and sustaining established capabilities. Working in Air Force Acquisition, you can find opportunities to use your leadership, business and technical skills in one of more of the following areas :


Cost Estimating


Facilities Engineering

Financial Management

Industrial/Contract Property Management

Information Technology

Life Cycle Logistics

Production, QA & Manufacturing

Program Management


Science and Technology

Test and Evaluation       


Interested in a civilian career with Air Force Acquisition, please visit


Acquisition Career Management (SAF/AQH)

Acquisition Opportunities page

Oversee AF Acquisition workforce policy and strategic planning as well as training, development & management of civilian and military acquisition resources.

Enabling a world-class Air Force acquisition workforce.

Acquisition Professional Development Program

The Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP) promotes the development and sustainment of a professional acquisition workforce in the Air Force. Through the integrated management of the acquisition professional certification program, leadership training and career field technical training, developmental education programs, and professional military education, we're increasing the proficiency of today's acquisition professionals, preparing the future acquisition workforce and growing leaders to meet future acquisition challenges.

Through a DoD-wide certification process, the Air Force determines that an individual meets the mandatory education, training, and work experience requirements established for their specific acquisition job. But it doesn't stop there. Because the acquisition environment is always challenging and rapidly changing, continuous learning programs help workforce members maintain professional currency.

More Career/APDP information is available for members and employees in the Acquisition Functional area of the Air Force Portal. To access, log into the Air Force Portal and click on the Functional Areas A - Z dropdown link under the Base, Org & Functional Area tab on the top of the AF Portal page. Type in Acquisition on the search bar, or scroll down until you see the link titled Acquisition. Click on this link and then click on the Career/APDP link on the left-side of the page. From here, you will find the latest APDP information.

Certification Standards