Purpose: Reverse unintended consequences of e-commerce to our local AF base communities
§Give local and local small businesses  the “FIRST LOOK” to the base’s mission requirements for micro-purchase ($10K) acquisitions
§Wing/CC-driven initiative for employing purchasing power
Not a mandatory procedure
Encourages cardholders to buy local when it makes business sense
AF FIRST LOOK Goals & Benefits
    Better solution to requirement
§Local businesses have knowledge of local marketplace, environment, and conditions
§More responsive customer service
§Lower market to customer complexity and expense
    Increase mission supplier redundancy / competition
    Alignment of base requirements w/ local businesses
§Increase value to base requiring activities through responsiveness
§Informed local sourcing decisions through data
    Align mentorship efforts to businesses, increase opportunities to drive efficiencies for local and local small businesses
§Lower GPC exchange fees – savings passed on to customer
§Increasing GPC rebates
    Improved Community Relations through increased business/ leadership linkages around local support to base mission
    Supports business investment in the local community
§Investments typically ~20% higher than national retailers
Job growth in local economy, potentially increasing opportunities for spouse employment
    Supports public policy to invest in small business as an engine for job creation
§Programs like AF FIRST LOOK can’t be done “fast or big enough!” (HASC/SASC)