What is HSI

What is HSI?

The integrated and comprehensive analysis, design and assessment of requirements, concepts and resources for system manpower, personnel, training, environment, safety, occupational health, habitability, survivability, and human factors engineering. (AFI10-601)

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is the interdisciplinary technical and management processes for integrating human considerations within and across all system elements. The AF defines those human-centered elements, or domains, as manpower, personnel, environment, training, safety, human factors engineering (HFE), occupational health, personal survivability, and habitability. ( Draft AFPAM63-128 (Rewrite 2012) / INCOSE)

HSI is the intentional, systematic integration of every aspect of human involvement into the planning, development, operation and disposal of systems, families of systems and systems of systems. ("Working" definition)

Why HSI?

It is "common sense' but also makes:

  • Good Business Sense: Reduce Total Ownership Cost (TOC)
  • Good Operational Sense: Optimize Total System Performance
  • Good Leadership Sense: Take care of the Airman