PEO Background

PEO/CM Dedicated to Services Acquisition
PEO/CM is the only PEO dedicated to the execution of contract services acquisition. Our goal is to assure successful contract support services for our customers every time. For us, this is more than just "getting on contract." It's about managing performance to achieve objectives throughout the acquisition process. By focusing on performance outcomes and measures at the outset of the requirements process, we can set in motion an environment for improvement, efficiency and innovation in strategies, solicitation, source selection and contract management to ensure successful contract performance for the customer throughout the life of the contract. However, we need to do better at understanding and developing the skills, knowledge, processes and tools needed to move in this direction across the Air Force. With your help, PEO/CM's enterprise view over the Air Force's largest service acquisitions will help us get there. 

Air Force Establishes New Review Process
Secretary Wynne recently signed new policy establishing Service Acquisition Executive (SAE) review and approval of requirements for services. This new review process creates an opportunity to engage customers early enough to develop the effective, results-oriented strategies to meet the need with solutions that provide incentives for efficiency and innovation throughout the performance of the contract. Success starts with a valid need or requirement and our ability to understand the customer's need. 

Application of Knowledge
Knowledge and proper application of processes and rules do not necessarily guarantee success. But failure to follow the rules virtually guarantees failure. For these reasons, failure can:

-- Significantly impact mission
-- Waste resources
-- Increase risk
-- Erode confidence and trust
-- Increase bureaucratic responses

Processes Critical to Air Force Success
Critical to mission success are definitive processes to execute services acquisition and ensure governance and checks and balances. Our challenge is to maintain currency with the rules and invigorate new processes that support mission success without creating unnecessary bureaucracy. Therefore, we must share our lessons learned and successes across similar categories of services throughout the Air Force. We'll work to increase the understanding and use of performance measurement techniques to craft better strategies, reduce acquisition and performance risk, ensure fairness and transparency in the competitive process, improve results, and enhance feedback through open collaboration and knowledge sharing. Feedback from measuring results is the key motivator for improvement. 

Improving Communications with Our Customers
We intend to vastly improve communication with our stakeholders: from the Warfighter and commanders that own the requirements, to the acquisition offices that execute the buys, to the program offices that manage performance, and to the large, small and mid-size companies that provide or seek to provide the services we need. In the spirit of transparency, we will also improve communication on the status of our program portfolio to Congress and the general public. In the coming months, we'll use this web-site to push out key objectives and expectations relative to services acquisition.

We look forward to serving you better by providing world class and efficient contract services for the Warfighter.

Look for Changes in the Coming Months
In the coming months, we'll use this web-site to push out key objectives and expectations in areas of services acquisition, such as:

-- New requirements analysis process
-- Acquisition and competition strategies
-- Evaluation criteria
-- Small business strategies
-- Award and incentive fee structures
-- Performance and program management
-- Relevant GAO reports and decisions
-- Changes in the legal and regulatory environment for services acquisition