Air Force Acquisition Strategy Panel Secretariat

ACAT I ASP Process Synopsis

The AF ASP Secretariat provides ASP coordination support for ACAT I and other programs deemed to require a ASecAF(A)/SAE/SAF/AQ-chaired ASP review. Program offices attempting to schedule such an ASP should ideally begin with their "Center" ASP Secretariat office, which is usually located in the Center ACE office. Program offices can also contact the SAF/ACE ASP Secretariat directly as long as they closely coordinate their activities with the Center ASP Secretariat.

The SAF ASP Secretariat will schedule 2-3 tentative ASP dates per month that meet the schedule availability of the ASP chairman. Programs can request to be "penciled-in" for an ASP approximately 45-90+ days in advance. However, the ASP review will not be formally scheduled until the request is provided formally (by email) along with a 1-2 page Executive Summary of what will be covered during the ASP. Formal ASP requests and the accompanying Executive Summary must be provided 45 or more days prior to the requested ASP date/timeframe.

Useful Documents 

Projected ASP Dates
This document provides a list of projected AQ-level ASP dates for 2007 and into 2008 (as of 7 Dec 2006).

ASP Briefing Template (Updated Dec 2006)
The ASP briefing template provides an idea of the types of information SAF/AQ will expect to be addressed in the ASPs. The most recent version was last updated in December 2006. Please note: This is a template and can be adjusted as necessary to meet unique program information requirements. To download the ASP briefing template, right click on the link, and select "Save Target As...".

ASP Panel Members
Air Force Service Acquisition Executive (AF SAE-Chaired) Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP) Panel Members/Attendees List. (Updated Sep 2006 from original release in August 2005 Acting SecAF Geren ASP Memo).

ASP Executive Summary Template
The ASP Executive Summary Template demonstrates information SAF/AQ expects to be provided in order to formally schedule an ASPs. To download the ASP Executive Summary template, right click on the link, and select "Save Target As...".

Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP) Process/Policy Memo (Signed by Acting Secretary of the Air Force)
Mr Peter Geren, the then Acting Secretary of the Air Force, signed the ASP Review Process Memo on 22 Aug 2005. This policy/process memo (1) changes the ASP process from a two-phased approach to a one-phased process for ACAT I programs, (2) transfers the ASP Secretariat responsibility from SAF/AQC to SAF/ACE and (3) establishes more discipline in the process for scheduling and conducting ASP reviews.