Dr Camron Gorguinpour

Dr. Camron Gorguinpour serves as the Director of Transformational Innovation for the United States Air Force, Office of the Assistant Secretary (Acquisitions).

In this role, Camron solicits, advocates for, and executes innovative concepts with the potential for broad-ranging and rapid improvements to Air Force acquisition processes and systems. Camron also serves as Executive Director for the Department of Defense Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Program. He is responsible for designing and executing a large-scale, multi-year effort to integrate PEV's into the Defense Department's non-tactical vehicle fleet.

Prior to arriving at the Pentagon, Camron served as Executive Director for Scientists & Engineers for America a 501c-3 nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to engaging scientists and engineers in public policy and political activities. Camron also served for six years as Co-Founder and Executive Director for Space Science Outreach and Research (SSOAR) a 501c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting science and education. Through SSOAR, Camron executed numerous programs, including the creation of two public charter schools in collaboration with NASA, the University of California at Berkeley, and the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.

Camron served for four years as a lecturer and part-time faculty member in the Bioengineering Department of the University of California, Berkeley. In this role, he created and taught courses in the field of Bioastronautics (i.e. human physiology in space). Camron received his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley/University of California, San Francisco Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering. His area of emphasis was Bioastronautics, with a focus on the health impacts of space-borne radiation. Camron also holds a bachelor's degree in Astrophysics and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.