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AFPEO/CM for Services

Welcome to the Program Executive Office for Combat and Mission Support (PEO/CM) also known as PEO Services. Contract services are essential to sustaining and maintaining the Air Force mission. From a budget and acquisition standpoint, contract services are outpacing hardware purchases. The business of contract services is growing in complexity and undergoing significant scrutiny from many sources. While the opportunities are tremendous, the challenges are significant as the DoD works to position resources, skills, training, policies, and processes to manage services acquisitions to the same degree as product acquisitions, as the law requires. To read more about us, click here.


The mission of the Program Executive Office for Combat and Mission Support is to manage and oversee the acquisition and delivery of Air Force operational and mission support services for today's warfighter.

Contact PEO/CM

Phone 202-404-3207
DSN 754-3207
Fax 202-404-6351
DSN 754-6351