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  • About PEO/CM

    Providing Support for the Warfighter The Air Force Program Executive Office for Combat and Mission Support (AFPEO/CM) provides management and oversight for more than 140 combat-support, AF acquisition programs. The values of integrity, services before self and excellence are the driving force behind

  • AF Labor Advisors: Davis-Bacon Act

        The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) requires that each construction contract over $2,000 contain a clause and wage determination(s) setting forth the minimum wages and fringe benefits to be paid to various classes of

  • AF Labor Advisors: Equal Employment Opportunity

        The obligations imposed on government contractors parallel those imposed by Title VII.  Executive Order 11246 prohibits employment discrimination and establishes affirmative action requirements for nonexempt

  • AF Labor Advisors: Labor Standards Information

      Wage Determinations On-Line:  This website provides a single location for federal contracting officers to use in obtaining appropriate Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) wage determinations (WDs) for each official

  • AF Labor Advisors: Service Contract Act

        APPLICABILITY The McNamara-O'Hare Service Contract Act of 1965 (SCA) applies to all federal contracts where the principal purpose is to furnish services in the U.S. through the use of service employees

  • AFPEO/CM Contractor Visit Request

    The Air Force Program Executive Officer for Combat and Mission Support (AFPEO/CM) welcomes annual meetings from contractors. Before requesting a meeting, please coordinate with your corporate office and other business units to ensure a representative from your company has not previously visited