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  • Air Force Acquisition Strategy Panel Secretariat

    ACAT I ASP Process Synopsis The AF ASP Secretariat provides ASP coordination support for ACAT I and other programs deemed to require a ASecAF(A)/SAE/SAF/AQ-chaired ASP review. Program offices attempting to schedule such an ASP should ideally begin with their "Center" ASP Secretariat office, which is

  • Business Center

    Doing business with the Air ForceAir Force Small BusinessSelling Recycled Products to the Air ForceSmall Business Joint VenturesDoD Contract Announcement SiteSmall Business Size StandardsFinancial AssistanceJustification and Approval (J&A) DocumentsFind Local Small Business RepsU.S. Small Business

  • Contracting Leadership

            Major General Cameron G. Holt Deputy Assistant Secretary (Contracting)       Vacant ADAS (Contracting)         CMSgt Dennis W. Carr Chief, Enlisted Policy       Colonel Andrew J. Leone

  • Contracting Policy Memos

      Number Date Memo 10-C-15 15 Oct 10 MAJCOM Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplements (AFFARS) 12-C-06 29 Jun 12 AFFARS Changes

  • Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) Wage Determinations

      Background:  The Davis-Bacon Act, as amended, requires each construction contract over $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings or public works contain a clause setting forth the minimum wages to be paid to

  • IAT: Additional Information

        IAT Roadshow Article, Sep 08:  Whiteman AFB Article, Apr 08:  Randolph AFB Article, Apr 08:  Columbus AFB Article, Mar 08:  Robins AFB Roadshow Briefing   Documents Process Owner's Log

  • IAT: Media Coverage

        Articles 22 JUL 08 Mountain Home AFB, ID IAT Road Show to Explain Contracting Realignment 14 JUL 08 Washington DC Officials Conduct 'Road Show' for Acquisition Transformation 7 JUL 08 Peterson AFB, CO Changing the Way Air Force Does Business 27

  • IAT: Southwest Cultural & Recreational

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