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    USA Jobs Search By Region Search By State Career Program Civilian Announcement Notification System (CANS)
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      CY2008 IAT Progress, 31 Mar 08 IAT Progress, 8 Feb 08 CY2007 Moving Forward With the Transformation, 7 Sep 07 365-Day Extended Deployments, 29 Jun 07 Force Development Update, 8 Mar 07 Deployments for Our Contracting Civilians, 11 Jan 07 CY2006 Contracting Workforce Survey, 30 May 06 Contracting Force Development Update, 19 May 06
  • PEO Archives

    The PEO/CM archives page is your resource for removed or outdated documents from the rest of the web site. If there is a document you cannot locate elsewhere on the site but was previoulsy there, you will find it in the archives. Please feel free to contact us if there is a document you would like to view and cannot find in the archives.10.20.2006
  • PEO Background

    PEO/CM Dedicated to Services Acquisition PEO/CM is the only PEO dedicated to the execution of contract services acquisition. Our goal is to assure successful contract support services for our customers every time. For us, this is more than just "getting on contract." It's about managing performance to achieve objectives throughout the acquisition
  • PEO References

    Congressional Language FY02 National Defense Authorization Act for 2002 Sec 801 Analysis National Defense Authorization Act for 2002 Sec 802 Analysis National Defense Authorization Act for 2002 Sec 803 Analysis FY03 National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2003 Sec 805  FY06 National Defense Authorization Act for 2006 Sec 812 Analysis Policy
  • PEO/CM Leadership

      Mr. Randall D. Culpepper Program Executive Officer for Combat and Mission Support (Acting)
  • PEO/CM Link to Acquisition Policy Fact Page

    To increase awareness of the latest in acquisition policy and changes, a quarterly Acquisition Policy Fact Page will be distributed to spotlight OSD/Air Force publications and policy memos. This page summarizes recent releases, highlights pending policy and statutory changes, and provides link to the SAF/AQ  policy website for source publications
  • Policy and Guidance

    ACE is commited to providing programs with the latest changes and updates to policy and guidance that impact acquisition programs. Following is a list of relevant documents that provide the latest instructions and processes: AFPD 63-1 Operational Capability Requirements (AFI 10-601) Capabilities Based T&E (AFI 99-103) CJSCI 3170.01C Manual
  • QAPC/Services Network

      You're Invited to Join !   Best Little Network in the Air Force This network provides an avenue for questions, lessons learned, performance work statements, performance plans, and urban legends.  (Does AFMC
  • Service Contract Act (SCA) Wage Determinations

      Service Contract Act Wage Determinations can be obtained quickly and easily at: Wage Determinations On-Line (WDOL.gov)   If an applicable wage determination can be obtained through WDOL.gov, submittal of an e98 "Request for Wage Determination" is not